Financially Free

My path to financial freedom started where all journeys start: in my mind.

I had to adjust my financial mindset by shifting my behavior to begin my journey to a healthy financial life.

That shift started when I stumbled onto a powerful tool, The Strangest Secret, by Earl Nightengale. By using this unconventional and very simple secret weapon, I began a mind shift that started my journey to eliminating my financial struggle from my life.

Prior to my discovery, I tried to manage my money life with countless financial strategies, and I failed countless times. Historically speaking, money and I did not have a good relationship.  I was one of those people that would push my financial failures under the rug and start again, mostly to no avail.

I’d even been through bankruptcy–one of the most terrifying and shameful times of my life.

Financial freedom is a big dream isn’t it? But how do you make it your reality?
I’ll show you! I went from juggling credit cards so I could survive month-to-month (with $50,000 in debt), to debt-free with excess income in just three short years.  And no, I didn’t do this with a financial plan, I did it with something entirely different.

As I started using my secret weapons,
I began to believe a different financial reality was possible for me. I realized I had to get rid of old patterns and replace them with healthy financial beliefs and practices! As I did that, truly incredible coincidences began to unfold and my life began to change in ways I never could have imagined!

In my book, The First Mile Is the Hardest, 7 Life Lessons Taught by the Trail, A Woman’s Guide to Health, Wealth and Livin’ the Dream I share the full story of my journey to financial freedom.

You’ll learn how a series of life coincidences (my sweet dog’s untimely demise, a feral cat having kittens, my cat’s bum paw, and a Google search) all brought me to a company where timing was everything with a product that was at the beginning of a boom and became the source of my raise that I gave myself that allowed me to become pay off all my credit cards that I thought would be around for the better part of the rest of my life. 

Now it was time to buckle down.
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “What you think about you bring about.” I not only heard it, I applied it everyday! I focused, really focused, on paying off my credit card debt, something I had struggled with for years.

By shifting my mindset, believing a different financial life was possible, and following my heart, in just three short years I achieved my goal!

I paid off all of my debt in one sweet, memorable afternoon, one bill at a time.

Once I had paid off my debts—buh-bye credit card juggling, shame and guilt—I pulled on my big girl pants and learned how to stay out of debt and build a solid financial empire.

To build that empire, to have the financial freedom I had always dreamed of, I committed myself to growing my income. Thanks to my new mindset and actions, I had already found the perfect way to do this.

My abundant mindset brought me to a company where my “work” is my joy; I’m doing good in the world and I’m doing good for myself and my family. I am now living a life with no financial stress and am helping people in ways I could never imagine because of the results people realize from using my company’s products. I know like I’ve never known before that I am helping people in ways I’ve yearned to for years.

When I was a child, I couldn’t help the people in my life.
I watched my mother suffer her entire life from crippling arthritis and I watched my sister suffer from depression that ultimately brought about her suicide.

Now I am helping to alleviate suffering and that means the world to me! I don’t feel like I’m selling a product–in fact I don’t feel like it’s a product at all! I feel like it’s hope.

This is what it’s really all about:
It’s about sowing seeds of hope! I feel that every “seed of hope” I plant through the company I’ve aligned myself with will grow to become a forest, and in some small way I’m doing my part to help people—people who suffer silently like my mom and my sister did physically, and people who are suffering financially as I did for so many years.

My advice to you is this:
Shift your mindset, believe your dreams can become your reality, change your behavior and seek out an income source that feels good to you. An income source that you know will help people. When you’re truly helping people, you feel good and feeling good is in total and complete alignment with a mindset of abundance. Trust that what happened for me will happen for you too. When your stars start to align, they align in all directions, when one thing happens, a lot of other things start happening—things beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a great feeling knowing that I won’t be working the 9-5 for the rest of my life, and my job has become a choice rather than a necessity.  Today I am running my own successful business, I’m spending more time with my precious grandbabies and truly helping people change their lives every day, physically and financially. I’d love to share with you more information about the fantastic company I’m aligned with and our life-changing products that make this opportunity so amazing.