Living Life

You have hopes and dreams.
You want to be something or somebody. Then things get in the way. Your environment influences you, and people try to fit you into their molds. And before you know it, you’ve lost your way and ended up heading straight for someone else’s life.

So many of us, women especially,
have this experience of realizing we’re living the life that is “supposed” to make us happy but somehow that life is falling way short of the mark. What do you do? Get busy discovering and creating the life that will make you happy. Get busy living life!

My journey from “supposed to make me happy” to being truly happy, healthy, and fulfilled on a daily basis (aka living life) took years. Crisis was my catalyst and hiking was my healing path. This is the story I share in The First Mile Is the Hardest, 7 Life Lessons Taught by the Trail, A Woman’s Guide to Health, Wealth and Livin’ the Dream, the book I wrote to help you start living life–your real life–right now!

My old life was marked by tragedy–my sister’s suicide, my parent’s early deaths, my husband’s abrupt abandonment, five-figure debt, bankruptcy and a deep aching unhappiness.

Then I found hiking, or did hiking find me?
How ever it happened, that is when my life changed dramatically! The hikes I undertook transformed my sense of self and my way of thinking; the trail literally became my teacher, no matter how challenging the miles were.

As I began changing with every hike, I realized the lessons I was learning from the trail were actually life lessons that could be applied to the areas of my life where I was most challenged: my mindset, my daily habits, my finances (yikes!) and my home environment.

I took the wisdom from the trail, applied it to my messy, unhappy life and started to change for the better–in all areas! Now that I’m living life, I want to share with you what worked so beautifully for me, whether you ever lace up a pair of hiking boots or not.

Join me as your trail guide to living the life you want to be living. Get your sneak peek of The First Mile Is the Hardest today and you will be among the first to be notified when the book is officially published.

Happy Hiking!