Thinking Right

What do I mean by “thinking right?”
I mean right thinking! I mean the kind of thinking that comes from developing, practicing and living from a positive mindset. And no, it’s not some “woo woo” practice that will drive you out of your mind, it’s developing a mindset that is a joy and is also your secret weapon to achieving whatever you dream of achieving.

Here’s my basic belief about thinking right: 
Every journey worth taking begins in the mind.  It matters not whether you want to climb a mountain or just have a shiny sink before you go to bed every night, the mindset portion is still the same.  “What you think about you bring about!”  Period.

Every journey worth taking begins in the mind.
Read that quote again and really let it sink in and as you do, answer these questions:

  • How do I become the person I truly want to be?
  • How do I achieve my goals, big or small?
  • How do I create the life I want to live?

The very beginning of each of your answers starts in the same place:  in your mind.  It all starts in your mind and is accomplished with a winning mindset.

Mindset is everything.  I’m going to repeat that:  Mindset is everything!
How do you develop a winning mindset?  By doing what millions of other people just like you have done—retrain your mind.  And it’s not hard.  It just takes willingness and discipline to make the change.

I changed my mindset from overwhelmed, depressed, scared, and deeply unhappy to positive, can-do, resilient, and joyful by using a resource called MindMovies. Simply put, MindMovies allows you to create a personalized digital video of what you want to be, do and have when you’re living your dream life. You create then watch the movie of your life and in doing so, you change your mindset. I can’t recommend this resource highly enough. If you truly want to transform your life, Mind Movies™ is a must!

Another mindset resource I’ve created just for you is my book, The First Mile Is the Hardest, 7 Life Lessons Taught by the Trail, A Woman’s Guide to Health, Wealth and Livin’ the Dream. I devote an entire section to how I changed my life by changing my mindset.